The YOUSAFETM Stabilizer Bushing:

Designed to stabilize the CV Joint in frontwheel drive cars. 
Fits on Ford, GM, and Chrysler.

Patent # 5645357

The YOUSAFETM Heat Plug:

Can be placed on any vehicle part which can become damaged due to extensive overheating. It shows when a vehicle has been overheated, saving warranty costs for shops and dealerships. And The Heat Plug is not limited to just Cars. It can be used on anything motorized.

Patent # 5380092
$7.87 U.S.D


Used for easy and safe installation of the YOUSAFETM Bushing or original seal. It can also be use to inspect the bearings. $280.oo U.S.D

Part # TMSI-10

The YOUSAFETM Press Kit:
Direct Clutch Spring Remover and Installer:

Removes and installs the direct clutch spring without a press. Works on A 500 and A 518 Transmissions. $129.95 U.S.D

Part# TMSI-11

The YOUSAFETM Valve Body Organizer:

Milestones is proud to introduce a small parts organizer for valve bodies and carburetors. It keeps small parts in order, and is made of aluminum, which with stands harsh cleaning chemicals. Also, the back can be used as a flat sanding surface.

Part# TMSI-96

The YOUSAFETM C.L.B.F.:Yousafe* Cooler Line Banjo

FittingYousafe* Cool Line Banjo Fitting for flushing Transmission Cooling lines. The Yousafe* C.L.B.F is easy to hook-up and fits most sizes of cooler line Banjo Fittings.

Part# TMSI-12

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